We specialize in storm, flood, fire and hail damage claims. Our staff has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. We are in Kansas City, KS and serve the greater Kansas City area. We are soon expanding into the Springfield and St. Louis, MO areas. HCS is very proud of its outstanding record of quality service and we pay attention to every detail. Our philosophy is to treat your home or building as if it was our own. Applying this philosophy has led us to become some of the best roofing Mission KS contractors.

• If you had hail hit your house, fire, flooding, high winds or a tree fall on your house – call us – 913-271-8525. We can help you in your emergency!
• We inspect your house to see if there is visible damage to justify calling your insurance company. We can tarp the roof, if needed.
• If there is damage, we ask you to call your insurance company to have a damage adjuster come to look at the roof or any other damage. We are your advocate, if they don’t want to come.
• On the day of inspection, our roofing Mission KS representative will be at your house with the insurance inspector to show the damage and represent your interests.
• If approved for repair or replacement, the adjuster will give you a check within a week or less.
• You give us this money to buy shingles and other supplies to repair your home.
• After the roof, fire or flood damage is fixed, the insurance company will give you a second check.
• You pay us the money from the second check.


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