HCS Restoration also is working daily in the commercial roofing and restoration business. We represent and install the products of two major companies, Duro-Last (the world’s best roof), and Conklin roofing products. We use these products on large commercial and business buildings to provide many years of trouble-free roofing. Some products are used to put on new roofs and others are for extending the life of existing roofs before they need to be replaced. If you have a need to get a new roof or extend the life of your existing commercial roof.

The Dura-Last products are an exceptional line of products. The Dura-Last single-ply membrane is pre-fabricated at the factory, so there are very few seams to seal at the job site. This makes for a leak-proof roof. The membrane is installed by trained and certified installers at HCS Restoration. Dura-Last is vertically integrated, controlling the quality from start to finish in the manufacturing process. Dura-Last has made great products for our roofing customers.

Dura-Last has just announced a 25 and 30-year warranty.

The new 2018 tax reform law will allow you to deduct up to 100% of the cost of a new Dura-Last roofing system.

The Dura-Last white roofing system can reflect up to 88% of the sun’s energy, lowering your energy costs.

Here are some of their roofing products for commercial flat roofs:

• Dura-Last roofing membrane is for large flat roofs.

• Dura-Fleece Plus is a thicker membrane and thicker fleece.

• Metal Retrofit is when you place a single-ply membrane over an existing metal roof, which means “no more seam or fastener problems, no more cracks or leaks around penetrations, and no more rust and corrosion.” (Dura-Last website)

• Duro-Guard Insulation comes in various sizes and thicknesses with the vapor barrier installed.

• Duro-Last distributes metal roofing and wall systems made by Exceptional Metals. See them at – https://exceptionalmetals.com/roofs .

• Duro-Last has many roofing accessories to go with their roofing systems.


Conklin has been in business for almost 50 years and manufactures over 130 products in 6 product lines, including commercial roofing products. As a roofing  supplier, they have single-ply membrane and many other roofing products. You can take a browse of the Duro-Last and Conklin websites and see what their products can do for your roof. We are trained to install them for your business.