HCS Restoration also is working daily in the commercial roofing Mission KS and restoration business. We represent and install the products of two major companies, Duro-Last (the world’s best roof), and Conklin roofing products. We use these products on large commercial and business buildings to provide many years of trouble-free roofing. Some products are used to put on new roofs and others are for extending the life of existing roofs before they need to be replaced. If you have a need to get a new roof or extend the life of your existing commercial roof.

The Dura-Last products are an exceptional line of products. The Dura-Last single-ply membrane is pre-fabricated at the factory, so there are very few seams to seal at the job site. This makes for a leak-proof roof. The membrane is installed by trained and certified installers at HCS Restoration. Dura-Last is vertically integrated, controlling the quality from start to finish in the manufacturing process. Dura-Last has made great products for our roofing Mission KS customers.

Dura-Last has just announced a 25 and 30-year warranty.

The new 2018 tax reform law will allow you to deduct up to 100% of the cost of a new Dura-Last roofing system.

The Dura-Last white roofing system can reflect up to 88% of the sun’s energy, lowering your energy costs.

Here are some of their roofing products for commercial flat roofs:

• Dura-Last roofing membrane is for large flat roofs.

• Dura-Fleece Plus is a thicker membrane and thicker fleece.

• Metal Retrofit is when you place a single-ply membrane over an existing metal roof, which means “no more seam or fastener problems, no more cracks or leaks around penetrations, and no more rust and corrosion.” (Dura-Last website)

• Duro-Guard Insulation comes in various sizes and thicknesses with the vapor barrier installed.

• Duro-Last distributes metal roofing and wall systems made by Exceptional Metals. See them at – http://exceptionalmetals.com/roofs .

• Duro-Last has many roofing accessories to go with their roofing systems.


Conklin has been in business for almost 50 years and manufactures over 130 products in 6 product lines, including commercial roofing products. As a roofing Mission KS supplier, they have single-ply membrane and many other roofing products. You can take a browse of the Duro-Last and Conklin websites and see what their products can do for your roof. We are trained to install them for your business.



HCS Restoration and roofing Mission KS has crews to do all kinds of siding. If your siding is dingy and old, or you need to increase your insulation value in your walls, now could be the time to have us remove your old siding, install insulation sheeting and install beautiful new siding to improve the value of your home and the curb appeal. And, it may cut down on your heating and cooling bills. We install many different brands of siding. You can choose the style and price that fits your budget.


Not only do we do roofing Mission KS, but HCS Restoration specializes in installing beautiful windows and doors made by Pella, Anderson and Jeld-Wen. Maybe your front door is drab and boring, and you would like a new eye-popping front door to wow your friends as they come to visit your home. If your home does not have thermal pane, double-hung windows, maybe it is time to replace them with beautiful, long-lasting and maintenance-free windows. Just think about this – no more drafts and no more cleaning the outside of the windows on a dangerous ladder. Please browse through the links below to see what windows or doors catch your eye.


There are few events more emotional than when your pictures of your family go up in smoke. Those keepsakes and mementos are gone. We cannot bring them back, but we can help to restore the structure and beauty of your home to its early days. Or maybe you want to make some changes or upgrades, since you need to rebuild it anyway. HCS Restoration is by your side to help in that process.

Our crews will deodorize your home, remove the soot from all the surfaces, clean the floors and take the smoke smell out of the carpet and furniture. Then, we will do the carpentry, cabinets, countertops, walls, wallboard, taping and painting to bring your house up to a new standard of excellence.


Second only to fire is water damage. Whether it is flooding caused by torrential rain or you have a burst water pipe, flooding is a serious matter. Serious health issues (allergies, asthma, and mold overgrowth in your body) can result if the water is not removed properly and the mold is not killed.

We will remove the damaged flooring, the wet wallboard, prepare all the wet areas by drying them, then treat them for mold. That is what we call mold remediation. Then, we reinstall flooring and carpet, replace the insulation, fix the wallboard, tape, paint and replace the baseboards. You can also get exterior problems like; a cracked foundation, water contamination and utility pipes (water, sewer) and electrical line damage, if installed underground.