Commercial Roofing

HSC Restoration endorses high-quality materials from two major roofing companies, Duro-Last and Conklin. We represent and use these products to ensure high-quality installations and restorations for our customers on commercial properties. Commercial and business buildings need to have long-lasting, durable roofs. Call us at 913-731-6537 for more information for your commercial roofing needs.

We Use Dura-Last and Conklin Products for Commercial Roofing

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Residential Roofing

Here at HSC Restoration, we care about excellent customer service, professional contractors and high-quality products. We want to show our customers that we will give them quality assurance with our expertise and helpful demeanor. The products we stand by have been tested and are the best on the market. With our team of experts and these amazing products, you will be able to receive the best outcome for your money. It is an investment that just keeps returning.

We Use Dura-Last and Conklin Products for Commercial Roofing

Check out our choice of shingles for your residential roofing needs:

Owens Corning


How We Will Serve Your Residential and Commercial Roofing Needs

Roof Inspection

We will use the newest, most updated technology to help you with your roof inspection. Our trained team of experts will assist you in finding out what issues need to be repaired. They can help you determine whether or not you need a total restoration and can assist you in figuring out what is more urgently needed as well as what you can afford.


HCS Restoration can help you fix your old sidings. Our team has experience in replacing, removing and even fully installing siding to improve your home or commercial building. Through doing this, you can improve the value in your space.

Windows and Doors

We don’t just do roofs, if needed, we can help you with the windows and doors of your commercial space as well. Just changing the window or the door can make a space look even better. Give us a call and find out if we can assist you with any non-roofing repairs as well!

Fire Damage

A fire is disastrous and can be a tremendous loss. You will most likely need an upgrade or restoration for your home. Our trained and experienced team can help you deodorize your home, remove soot and clean your furniture from the fire. Any damage done to the roof will be taken care of by us at a professional level of expertise.

Water Damage

Flooding or heavy rains can cause a ton of water damage to your property. Water damage may also occur from pipe leakage or a burst. These damages can lead to serious health issues if not resolved right away. The buildup of mold from sitting water can induce allergies and cause dangerous reactions for those with asthma. We will help remove any damaged panels and replace them with new, clean ones! Refresh your home and get rid of mold effectively and professionally.

Weather Damage

Dangerous weather conditions can damage shingles, vents, gutters and other parts of the roof. When shingles are damaged, water may seep into the roof, eventually reaching the ceiling of your home, causing damage and hazardous living conditions, especially to those with allergies. Whether it’s rain, hail, sun, wind or any other climate damage, we got you covered! We can help repair any smaller damages as well as completely restore your roof if the damage is too much. There is no project too big or too small for us. We can handle it all.


You can rest assured that you will pay a fair price for the quality you will be getting. We will be your advocate through every process, giving you a smooth-sailing experience and making sure these procedures go as smoothly as possible. We want you to be satisfied and have peace of mind that your damages will be taken care of by us.

We Care About The Safety of Your Home and Goods

We will also protect your valuables and anything that might be affected by any roof work. We will lay out tarps to protect your greenery as well as any goods that are valuable to you that might be affected by your roof work. HCS Restoration is a fully licensed, bonded and insured company that cares about your protection.

Only Quality Materials and Experienced Contractors

Our team is experienced and certified to help you with any of your roofing needs. We will also be able to help out with windows, doors, and any glass damage you might need to be fixed quickly. Let us know what your issue is and our professional contractors will help you get to it!

Excellent Customer Service

We, at HCS Restoration, take pride in our excellent customer service. When you give us a call, you will see that we hire representatives that are helpful, informed and well-educated to meet your standards. They will be able to help you with any of your roofing needs while being able to answer any inquiries and questions you may have. They will make sure to understand your situation, let you know what will need to be done, what the charges will be and can fully set you up to get your roof taken care of! We only hire professional customer service representatives, contractors, inspectors, and insurance agents to assist you in the process of restoring or fixing your roof. We will take you through all the needed processes more easily.

Let Us Take Care of Everything!

You will not be responsible for any messes that are made during repairs. We will make sure to pick up any equipment or materials that are left unused. We will drag a magnet around the property so that you will not have to worry about nails or unused shingles being left all over your garden. Old or unused shingles will be recycled instead of left in a dump.

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