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We do both residential and commercial roofing Mission KS business. We install mostly Owens Corning and Tamko roofing products on our residential homes.

Roofing Mission KS Services

HCS Restoration LLC specializes in using Owens Corning and Tamko roofing products. We are a preferred installer for Owens Corning.

• We will tarp a roof if the damage allows rain to enter in the house (tree on roof, wind).

• We give free estimates.

• We remove previous layers (2 or more) and haul to recycling.

• We use heavy-duty synthetic #30 underlayment instead of tar paper to give a leak-proof roof.

• We use heavy-duty Ice & Waterover the valleys to prevent leaks (most vulnerable area).

• We install new drip edge for beauty to repair worn out ones, and to keep the rain from getting under the edge of the new shingles.

• We install or replace roof vents and vent pipe boots.

• We come with a crew and tear off and install the whole roof in one or two days.

• We also provide other services: fix gutters; downspouts; fascia replacement; and interior drywall, taping, spackling and painting from water leaks. Often there is other damage besides the roof or exterior maintenance that needs to be done to make your house look its best. We strive to deliver the best as a roofing Mission KS company.

– Sometimes the fascia needs to be painted or replaced before the roof is done. It has constant exposure to the weather and is more prone to damage than other parts of the house.

– The soffit under the overhang of the roof may be damaged and needs to be painted or replaced. The soffit is important to provide ventilation to keep the attic cooler in the summer and dryer in the winter to prevent the growth of moisture and mold. If there is not good airflow ventilation through the soffit and the roof vents at the top of the roof, the attic can get up to 200 degrees in the summer and the excessive heat will shorten the life of the shingles.Also, some of that 200-degree heat will come through the ceiling insulation and make the air-conditioning work harder than it should. Your electric bill will be sky high. So, additional vents may need to be installed, the soffit may need to be replaced, or an attic fan may need to be installed or replaced. These items are very important to extend the life of your new shingles. Here at HCS Roofing & Restoration, we strive to save our roofing Mission KS customers money.

– Gutters and downspouts may be damaged, dented or disconnected. They divert the water away from the home foundation, so it does not sink and require expensive repair.

– We can install leaf gutter cover systems to prevent leaves from clogging your gutters. If the water overflows next to the house foundation it can cause serious and expensive damage to the foundation. Also, gutter covers prevent your need to get on a tall ladder to clean them and risk a dangerous fall.

– If water gets into your house through the damaged roof and damages the ceiling, we have team members who can replace wallboard, spackle and repaint the room or ceiling.

The Truth About Hail Damage

It can be very difficult for the home owner to determine if there is hail damage by looking at the roof from the ground. With so many roofing Mission KS companies out there, it takes an experienced roofer or insurance adjuster to get on the roof to see the signs of damage, that most homeowners cannot see or determine. The customer should never get on a ladder or on the roof. It is dangerous. They usually do not know what they are looking for.

There is nothing more devastating than trying to sell your home a few years after the hail, and the home inspector of your potential buyer announces that you have hail damage. He demands a new roof before his client will buy your house.

But, the hail damage was beyond your insurance company time limit (6-24 months), and they will not pay. Now you will need to spend $10,000 to $20,000 to get a new roof, which the insurance would have paid three years earlier. Suddenly, a large chunk of equity has been wiped out. And the regret, “If only I would have……”. Don’t get caught in this situation. Call HCS Restoration and we can determine if damage has occurred. The inspection is free, so what do you have to lose?

If damage has occurred, we will be available as you call your insurance company and explain to them why an inspector needs to come and look at the roof. We are your consumer advocate as a roofing Mission KS company.

Some Popular Myths About Hail Damage | Roofing Mission KS

1. I don’t see any damage on the roof when I look from the ground, so it must be OK. Only experienced and trained people getting on the roof can identify hail damage, which could result in a leaky roof in a few years. Then, it will be replaced at YOUR EXPENSE.

2. I’m not missing shingles from wind damage, so everything must be OK. Wind damage is easy to see because of missing shingles, but hail damage is difficult to see.

3. The deadline date to get it fixed (usually 6 months to two years) has already passed, so my insurance company won’t pay anyway. They often will pay past the deadline if the damage is widespread in your area.

4. My roof is very new, so I don’t think it got damaged. New roofs have not cured and can get more damage than a roof of a few years old.

5. My roof only has a little damage, so I will get a friend to replace a few shingles and save my deductible payment. Walking on a slightly damaged roof can damage it more if you are not careful. It may leak a few years later when insurance won’t pay.

6. My insurance company might cancel my policy if I turn in a claim. In most states, the law prohibits an insurance company from cancelling a policy because of a major weather event like hail or wind.

7. Maybe, if I don’t file a claim, my rates won’t go up. If a large area gets hit the rates will go up for everyone, not just people who file. If your neighbors get a new roof, but you don’t turn in a claim, you will pay more for their new roof, and you will still get a leaky roof in a few years and insurance won’t pay for yours at that time. That will be a bum deal.

8. I don’t have my $1,500 deductible, so my only option is to do nothing and take my chances. Not a good idea! Get it inspected by HCS Restoration! We will help you get the insurance inspector to look at your roof. If you need financing for your deductible and other maintenance, we can help you find financing.

If you have hail damage and do nothing, you could risk leakage in a few years and no insurance money to fix it. Then the insurance company will not insure your home anymore, because the roof is in bad condition. Then you will need to pay $10,000 to $20,000 to replace it and take out a second home loan to pay for it. That is a disaster situation. Please don’t let this happen to you.

That is why financial advisers stress the need to have a few thousand dollars in savings in case your car transmission breaks, your AC/heating system burns up or your house gets hit with hail.
Please let us look at your roof and determine if you have damage. Call YOUR roofing Mission KS company at 913-731-6537.

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