Professional Residential & Roofing Contractor in Kansas City

We do both residential and commercial roofing. We install mostly Owens Corning GAF, CertainTeed, IKO, Atlas, Decra, DeVinci, and Tamko roofing products on our residential homes.

Our Kansas City Roofing Contractor Services includes:

HCS Restoration KC LLC, our roofing company, specializes in using Owens Corning and Tamko roofing products in the Kansas City area. We are a preferred installer for Owens Corning providing roofing systems services: 

  • We will tarp if the roof damage allows rain to enter the house (tree on roof, wind).
  • We give free estimates as part of our customer service.
  • We remove previous layers (2 or more) and haul them to recycling.
  • We use heavy-duty synthetic #30 underlayment instead of tar paper to give a leak-proof roof.
  • We use heavy-duty Ice & Water over the valleys to prevent leaks (most vulnerable areas).
  • We install new drip edges to repair worn-out ones to isolate the new shingles from rains.
  • We install or replace roof vents and vent pipe boots.
  • We come with a crew and tear off and install the whole roof in one or two days.

Other services

We also provide other services: fix gutters, downspouts, fascia replacement, interior drywall, taping, spackling, and painting from water leaks. Often there are other impairments besides the roof or exterior maintenance that could make your house look its best. We strive to deliver the best as a roofing Mission KS company. Sometimes the fascia needs to be painted or replaced before the roof renovation. It has constant exposure to the weather and is more prone to damage than other parts of the house.

Why is Soffit important?

The soffit under the overhang of the roof may be damaged and needs to be painted or replaced. There is nothing more important than the soffit to prevent the growth of moisture and mold. It provides ventilation to keep the attic cooler in the summer and dryer in the winter. The attic could get up to 200 degrees in the summer without good quality airflow ventilation, and the excessive heat will shorten the life of the shingles. In the meantime, air-conditioning will function in an impaired way, and your electric bill will be sky-high. Thus additional vents installation, soffit replacement, or an attic fan installation might be necessary. These items are critical to extending the life of your new shingles. Here at HCS Roofing & Restoration, your Kansas City residential roofing contractor, we strive to save our customers money.

Repair Your Gutters and Downspouts in time

Gutters and downspouts divert the water away from the house foundations. Once they are damaged, dented, or disconnected, there could be water overstock-related issues.

We can place leaf gutter cover systems to prevent leaves from clogging your gutters. If the water overflows next to the house foundation, it can cause severe and expensive damage.

If water gets into your house through the damaged roof and damages the ceiling, our team members are here to help replace the wallboard, the spackle and repaint the room or ceiling!

Choose HCS Restoration KC LLC as your roofing company in the Kansas City

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