Storm & Insurance Claims Specialist

Free Storm Damage Inspections

We are there after the storm to offer free inspections of your property.  

Emergency Services

We offer emergency services to keep your home protected until the repair or replacement process can begin

Help During Your Insurance Claim Process

We help during your claims process, starting with the initial inspection we will be there to meet with your adjuster, review your claim documents, and file depreciation.


Q. Will my insurance premium go up if I make a claim?  

​A. If you're filling a claim for repairs after hail or wind damage or other "Acts of God" your insurance company cannot legally raise your individual insurance premiums due to the filling of that claim.  Whether or not you file a claim, if an area around you has been hit with severe weather repeatedly your insurance premiums may go up as well as the other premiums of insurers in your area.

Q. How long do I have to replace my roof?

A. Many insurance companies have a "statue of limitations" of how long a claim is viable.  

Q. What does hail damage do to a roof?

A. Hail damage to a roof causes the acceleration of granule loss.  This increases the roofs aging process and can cause voided warranties