Replacement windowsAhh, the coming of winter! The nip in the air, the crispness of the cool wind whipping through the streets, it truly is a magical time of the year.

But for people who are faced with numerous chores or tasks that have gone undone in their home for too long, winter can signal the fact that it’s time to finally get those things taken care of.

From installing a replacement window in Kansas City to new siding, experienced and qualified local professionals can handle any job from small to large for those folks whose handiness might end with screwing in a light bulb. Here are several common winter projects for those who are good with their hands, as well as for those who simply call in the professionals:


Get a Replacement Window in Kansas City

Since it has already been mentioned, it is worth taking a deeper look at the benefits. One of the main causes of high energy bills during the winter is the fact that many homes either don’t have the proper insulation, the proper sealing, or both. Professional Kansas City remodelers offer a number of services, as well as various types of windows depending on the customer’s needs:



Going ahead and tackling this project in the winter can help to stave off those massive energy costs in the coming months, as well as having the home set up for efficient performance and cooler temperatures when the summer months roll back around (and they are right around the corner).


Re-Insulate the Attic

Once a replacement window in Kansas City has been installed (or at least considered) another great step in eliminating Jack Frost from making himself at home inside the house is to either add to or completely re-insulate the entire attic. Outside of inefficient windows, this is the number one source of cold air in the home.


Whether it is fiberglass, spray-in foam, or loose-fill cellulose, making sure that the upper portion of a house is thoroughly insulated can make thousands of dollars a year difference in heating and cooling costs.


Replace or Re-Finish Flooring

Now that all that other stuff is taken care of, how about going from the top of the house to the bottom? Installing flooring is a job that very often gets put on the back burner for other easier home improvement tasks. But if the carpet, tile, or hardwood in a house is in a state of semi-finished (or even if it is just in poor condition), that too can allow for colder conditions inside.


While these jobs are best left to professionals, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few techniques that a novice handyman or woman couldn’t handle on their own. In fact, laminate flooring is manufactured to go over existing floors and can be installed with just a little DYI instruction, such as a person might find at their local hardware store.



Add New Lighting

This improvement is usually a big hit, and many homeowners call in reliable local Kansas City remodelers to handle this project for them.

While many things around the house might be ok for someone without a lot of experience to work on, things like electricity and gas should never be tampered with except by trained professionals.

There are so many options that are available when it comes to lighting that it is hard to narrow it down. What is really comes down to most is the preference of the homeowners or residents.

Adjustable lighting, string or decorative lighting, ambiance and mood lighting, as well as several other choices,  can be had for the interested consumer.


Finish the Basement

This is one that most people would rather go to the dentist for a double root canal than take on. Oh, they may have started this project umpteen months ago with all of the zeal and determination of a rookie athlete making their pro debut, but that enthusiasm quickly faded once they realized the scope of the work involved.


Whether it is just a simple restoration process that is underway, or a much more entailed project such as a full conversion to a guest bedroom, entertainment room, or even a study or home office, for amateur carpenters/craftspeople who went in just a little too headstrong and ran out of steam halfway through, there is no shame in calling in the folks who do this for a living.



Build a Shed or Storage Facility

Shed or garage construction This is another project that helps people get a big head start on their spring chore list.

This task can begin in a garage or workshop with simply measuring and cutting various pieces of wood, as well as putting together racks and shelves which will later be placed inside for storage.

Once the weather warms up, these ready-made pieces can be taken outside and assembled.

Once this is finished, all of those items cluttering up the inside of the house can find their new home out in the shed. Not only does it help to streamline the spring cleaning process, but it is also a great way to perform an “outside project” while stuck inside due to the cold.


Just a Few Finishing Touches…

Now that everything from window installation to shed building has been taken care of, what next? Well, that is something that is best left up to the individual homeowners and their families. Each person has different priorities and plans for their home, some small in ambition and some much larger. Just remember that there is no time limit on these goals.


Anything that doesn’t get done this winter can be done in the spring, summer, or fall. If time, money, or other resources are an issue then simply pick one significant project and work to accomplish that. Even if it takes the entire season it was still something that needed to be done, and now, no longer needs to be worried about.

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