The kitchen is considered the heart of the home. Families eat and prepare food there. So it’s only natural to want to spruce it up. The best way you can do that is to use both traditional and modern touches. When giving your kitchen a makeover, you should decide whether you want to use cabinets or open shelves. The former comes with a certain degree of functionality while the latter enhances the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen.

Yes, you have two options: you can go with standard cabinets and their traditional functionality, or the open shelves and their aesthetic beauty. In the next section, we will discuss the pros and cons of each, after which we will help you decide which of these two best suits your kitchen’s look and your family’s needs.

Standard Cabinets

When it comes to functionality, standard cabinets are the way to go. There is a very wide range of standard cabinets on the market. You can choose to go with customized solid wood cabinets or minimalist shaker cabinets. Standard cabinets are available in big-box stores, custom cabinet manufacturers, and online stores. If you’re trying to figure out why many households go with this traditional kitchen feature, you need look no further than the list of pros and cons below.


One good thing about kitchen cabinets is that they provide plenty of space and serve as a place to store many kitchen appliances, items, tools, and utensils for a more organized look. This type of storage will help you cut down on clutter by giving you enough space for all your things.

Cohesion: Most kitchen cabinets will help your kitchen achieve a cohesive look. This is because you can choose the color, finish, and hardware of the cabinets in accordance with the other design elements in your kitchen. Most interior architects opt to install standard looks of kitchen cabinets.

Style and Functionality: Kitchen cabinets are aesthetically beautiful styles and come with a certain degree of functionality. Whether you opt for a minimalist or traditional design, you can expect your kitchen cabinets to serve their purpose.


Space: If there’s one drawback to kitchen cabinets, it’s that they’re bulky, so they tend to make kitchens smaller than usual. They may also end up making the entire room look a bit darker.

Cost: Another thing to consider is how much kitchen cabinets cost. They’re somewhat expensive, particularly when it comes to customizing their features, materials, and size. But if you want to invest in traditional cabinets, go ahead.

Modern Open Shelving

If you want your kitchen to have a more modern look, go with open shelving. This option has become quite popular recently. Learn more about the pros and cons of choosing open shelves below:


Open Space: One good thing about open shelving is that it makes your kitchen look and feel more spacious. It doesn’t take up too much space with stark, solid fixtures and gives your kitchen a refreshing ambiance.

Aesthetic Modern Beauty: Another thing to praise about open shelving is its aesthetic beauty. Not only does it look modern, but it also is ideal for displaying beautiful decorative pieces.


Busy Look: Because of its very nature, it may make your kitchen look busy or cluttered. It takes a keen eye to ensure that items stored in open shelves are sorted out properly to keep your kitchen organized.

Lack of Privacy: You won’t be able to keep certain items out of sight if you go with open shelves. You may find it hard to look for a place to keep chipped, outdated dishes, grimy appliances, and unattractive food packages.

Maintenance: You’ll need to clean open shelves regularly as their contents are exposed to dirt and dust.

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