There is no denying that home remodeling programs on TV are super entertaining to watch. You are left in awe every time an old and obsolete kitchen gets transformed into a modern one in a matter of minutes. These shows may even give you the inspiration to remodel your own kitchen!

That being said, you should remember that these are TV shows. They only show you the satisfying parts of the remodeling process. What they don’t show you is the work that goes into the planning and preparation to create such great kitchen design and remodeling. Most importantly, they don’t show you the real timeline that it takes them to complete one project. If you want to know the truth on the real process of kitchen modeling, you can read on to find out.

Why Do Some Kitchen Remodeling Projects Take Longer?

If you know someone – perhaps a friend or a neighbor – who recently had their kitchen remodeled, you can go ahead and ask them how long it takes for the job to be complete. It is very likely that you will hear some complaints. There are many reasons why most homeowners become frustrated and upset when the remodeling process of their kitchen takes too long, including the following:

– The kitchen designer is inexperienced.

– The contractor gave an inaccurate time frame.

– The homeowner had unrealistic expectations and there the professionals did not correct them.

– The homeowner requested some changes during the process that expanded the work scope and delivery time for equipment and materials.

The point is that there are many factors that affect how long your home renovation project will be completed. Some projects can be finished in weeks while others may take months. It all comes down to the scope of the project, along with other factors.

When Will Your Kitchen Remodeling Project Be Completed?

If you want to know how much time will your kitchen renovation project take, then you may want to consider a number of things. As mentioned, the time required for designing and remodeling a kitchen mostly depends on the scope of the project and other factors such as the availability of material and the design requirements. If the kitchen design is quite straightforward in which the same layout is being used, it is called a “replacement kitchen.” This means that only minimal construction and customization will be required. This type of project usually takes around six to eight weeks for a medium-sized kitchen. However, larger kitchen projects that require wall removals, structural changes, and reconfiguration of the floor plan will undoubtedly take more time to be completed, typically around ten to twelve weeks.

What Happens When Delays Occur?

A kitchen remodeling project that is handled efficiently will be built around a schedule. In this case, the project manager will devise clear steps to follow. However, it should be noted that delays can occur despite all the careful planning. The delays are not always the result of negligence or incompetence of the people involved in the project, but it is rather because there are many specialty subcontractors and special products involved in the process, making the schedules quite unpredictable. When all the steps are tied together in sequence, these delays are inevitable. Even so, a good project manager should be able to handle these problems efficiently so that the effects of these delays can be mitigated. 

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